Couples Counselling

Couples therapy is very successful in bringing a couple closer to each other, by working through areas of conflict and rebuilding or reinforcing the connection, intimacy and partnership.

Our team of highly experienced, professional counsellors will help you explore and enhance important relationships in your life.

The key is a commitment to the relationship, and a commitment to work, to openness, and willingness to grow and if needed, to making some adjustments in one’s actions and attitude.
Talking to one of our counsellors can help you to think about issues in different ways and then begin to make changes that can seem so daunting initially.

Our counsellors will guide you towards:

  • Identifying negative patterns that are influencing the quality of your relationship.
  • Learning how to stop blaming each other so that you can work through problems.
  • Recognizing the ’cause and effect’ patterns in your relationship.
  • Finding healthy ways to communicate and relate to each other.
  • Getting through the difficult phase when external stressors interfere with romance and connections.

Common Signs of relationship problems:

  • Communication breaks down.
  • Trust is eroded or broken.
  • Depression or other health problems recur.
  • Quality or frequency of sex diminishes significantly or causes problems.
  • Ongoing arguments without resolution.
  • Violent behaviour towards your partner.
  • With the help of a trained marriage counsellor you can learn new, more effective ways to speak and listen to each other. You can discover how to transform your arguments into opportunities in order to manage conflict and to work as a team. You can discover new ways to accommodate individual needs.

You will learn to recognize the triggers that make things go wrong, to change the old patterns, and to create the loving relationship you want.

What is expected from you?
We expect a serious commitment, an ability to be open when looking at what you bring into the relationship and a commitment to altering your own ineffectual behaviours. If these conditions are met there is an excellent chance that we can not only help you get your relationship back on track, but take you to an even stronger place.

How much does couple counselling cost?
$200.00/session (with a therapist)

Take the First Step
Couple counselling can help you develop a new, empowering level of understanding that will remove fears, build lasting trust and create a compelling future for your relationship.

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