Karly Doyle

Karly has a warm and friendly demeanour and enjoys providing a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for her clients. Karly strives to guide and empower her clients and her therapy is underpinned by a strengths-based approach, using one’s strengths and successes to confront and explore personal challenges.

Karly uses an empathetic, yet practical approach to therapy and aims to equip her clients with the tools to improve their relationships and emotional wellbeing, beyond the therapy room. In her practice, Karly aims to assist individuals to improve their psychological and emotional health, whilst bolstering one’s sense of purpose, connection and overall wellbeing.

Karly is impartial and non-judgmental and appreciates that all people have different values and lived experiences. She believes that the key to successful therapy is the relationship and for therapy to be effective, clients need to feel understood, supported and cared for.

She is passionate about supporting her clients to explore the meaning behind their experiences and to understand the connections between previous life events and current difficulties. Karly enjoys working with her clients and equipping them with the skills required to bolster self-esteem and to change patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful.

Karly enjoys working with adults experiencing a variety of challenges that may relate to relationships, stress, traumatic events or major life transitions. Karly’s therapeutic style is effective for individuals experiencing:

• Recurring negative emotions such as sadness, irritability or anger
• Overwhelming worry, doubt, uncertainty or anxiety
• Challenges with personal relationships, including a lack of meaningful connection, closeness or intimacy
• Work or study-related stress, pressure or burnout
• Emotional impacts of traumatic experiences
• Difficulties relating to alcohol and/or drug use
• Overwhelming feelings relating to grief and bereavement
• Concerns or challenges relating to sexual identity
• Issues regarding self-esteem, feelings of emptiness or worthlessness