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How to Turn Your Life Right Way Up©!





Are you sick of being broke, exhausted and worried?

Do you feel your life is going nowhere? Feel like you’re treading water? Worse, like you’re sinking in quicksand?
It’s so depressing when your career is stuck in a rut, everything around you is a mess, you feel like you’re facing it alone, the bills are mounting and you can’t see any way out.
The more anxious you get, the less clearly you think and the deeper you sink. And even when things are looking good on the outside, it’s a whole different story on the inside. Isn’t it? Well, you are not alone!
You no longer need to struggle solving all these problems. By following the techniques contained in the Right Way Up© program you will find your life changing for the better. Unlike the many self-development courses on the market, let alone the highly expensive motivators, Right Way Up© is all about you experiencing changes which last a lifetime. It is not about being pumped up for a few hours and then returning to your usual thought patterns. You are changing how you think for good. You are constructing new foundations for your life. TRY RIGHT WAY UP©!

What is Right Way Up©?

Right Way Up© is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) blended with Autogenics. That is to say, it is an amalgamation of deep relaxation practice and positive thinking, each improving the effectiveness of the other.

CBT is the science of changing how you feel and act by changing your thought patterns. Many courses use positive thinking. It is no use simply to tell yourself that you can reach goals. You’re just tinkering around the edges. This is why most positive thinking and personal development courses simply don’t work. You know you have not kept promises to yourself in the past. Why is it any different this time? I ask you to sign a written contract with yourself to carry out a particular task every day for just one week. Contract by contract, step by step, you will find yourself reaching the bigger goals you have for your future and whittling away your old negative self-image.


Autogenics is a super-effective relaxation technique consisting of a series of simple mental exercises which you can easily learn. It is similar to self-hypnosis or meditation and helps you release tension and deal with anxiety without the need for a therapist. Autogenic practice embeds your new positive self-image in your own unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind registers that you persevere and reach your goals. Then the enormous power and momentum of your unconscious mind propels you towards reaching your goals in life. This is how CBT and Autogenics work together in Right Way Up© to tap the huge reservoir of enthusiasm and power you have within.




Why should you think I can help you change your life?



In 2006 I returned to study, achieving top marks in a Bridging Course in Sciences. In the following year I repeated this achievement in the subjects I undertook as part of a Bachelor of Biotechnology. In 2008 I swapped to a Bachelor of Pharmacy course, understanding that my role in life lies with assisting others directly rather than working in a lab. In that year I achieved the Pharmaceutical Defence Limited prize for the first year student at my university with the highest marks in pharmacy subjects. I also received a congratulatory letter from the Dean of Mathematics because of my mark in the Pharmacy Mathematics subject. In 2009 at the invitation of the Vice Chancellor I joined the Golden Key international academic honour society and within that, was selected as a member of an international medical delegation. In 2010 I was included in the Dean’s Honour Roll for my straight A average results, and won the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia Award for the highest mark achieved by a third year student in Pharmacoepidemiological research.
All this whilst running a Psychology practice and mothering two young children. How did I do it? By seeing myself as able to do it and by not wasting energy with useless anxiety about whether I could do it or not. It wasn’t always this way though. I too have struggled with self-doubt and fear.
Like me, you can use the methods in Right Way Up© to achieve your goals! P.S., I am an accomplished opera singer as well.
How will Right Way Up© help you improve your life?


Self-Respecting Individual
As you continue to practise Right Way Up©, the residual anxiety and discomfort you carry with you will gradually be replaced by the feelings of profound peace of mind and a sense of release. Others will respond to you positively as they see a self-respecting individual with a clear sense of direction, a strong sense of purpose and enormous satisfaction about his or her life.

Specifically, your life will be revolutionised in the following ways:
• Greater concentration
• A sense of direction in your life
• Persistence: Harnessing the power of your unconscious mind to effortlessly persist
• Greatly increased energy and enthusiasm
• Increased freedom from worry
• Sleep: The ability to easily fall asleep and wake refreshed
• Satisfaction: Ever increasing amounts as you head towards your goals
• Leadership
• Enjoyment: Greatly increased enjoyment and happiness with life
• Reduced Phobias: For example, public speaking and flying
• Easier to master unwanted habits, for example, smoking cessation, or weight loss
• A sense of purpose, satisfaction and happiness

What’s the evidence?
Autogenic exercises are a foundation stone of Right Way Up©. They, together with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), are what enable you to experience an astonishing change in your outlook.
Autogenics n: training patients in self-induced relaxation

Autogenics has a strong scientific basis. In Europe, doctors and other health professionals have embraced and encouraged its use for many decades. However, as stated by Ostrander and Schroeder in their book “Super-Learning,” “By the mid 1970s there were more than 2,500 scientific publications on autogenic training and its myriad benefits, yet only a handful of them were in English.”
CBT is the science of changing how you feel and act by changing your thought patterns. “A thought can easily be changed”(Dr Louise Hay). Abundant scientific literature supports the effectiveness of CBT to the extent that it is the only method specifically funded by the Australian Government as an intervention conducted by registered Psychologists. CBT is probably the therapy most widely respected and used by Psychiatrists and Psychologists in the English speaking world.
The techniques in this program have either been developed by me, after many years in professional practice, or have been adapted from highly credible sources. Some of the techniques have been adapted from a course promoted by one of Australia’s pioneers in motivation, Mr Lee Saxon.


LukeHi, my name is Luke Story. Last year I found myself looking down the barrel after being diagnosed with cancer. I realised I had to address my attitude as well as diet and whatever else I could use to fight this horrible disease. Right Way Up gave me the confidence to make good medical decisions and helped me stick to a better diet. I researched with optimism for alternative therapies that work with conventional ones and found Bruce Muir and QOL maitake. Together with a good attitude, a better diet, chemo and maitake, I broke the nasty statistics associated with my disease and became cancer free. Luke Story, Melbourne.




Jenny 2 I personally guarantee that if you practice the techniques in Right Way Up©, within two to three weeks (far sooner for most), you will start to feel how pleasurable and energising the exercises can be. You will emerge from each Right Way Up© session deeply relaxed and energised as never before. You will find the residual anxiety and discomfort you carry with you start to be replaced by peace of mind and a sense of release, and concentrate much more easily on tasks to hand. You will feel unstuck and be moving towards some serious goals too!

What does it cost?
Right Way Up© is yours for only $99.95. I believe that this is tremendous value for a life changing experience. Of course I will not pass your details on to another party, nor bother you with advertising material. So, click the link underneath to order your copy of Right Way Up© right now! That way, you make a powerful commitment to your new life. You take a hold of the rudder and leave behind the old feelings of being caught in a whirlpool of worry and indecision!

Please note that this program is unsuitable for you if you have schizophrenia, psychosis or severe depression. It does not replace medical treatment.

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