Vocational Testing

Vocational Testing at Self Growth Institute is a personalised process to help you identify your career path and appropriate training. It is conducted by Jenny Story, a very experienced psychologist. The tests she uses are restricted and available only to psychologists. This is because the standardised nature of the tests requires specialised training for accurate interpretation. The thorough, objective testing process Jenny conducts is a very useful basis for recommendations on work and further training.

Vocational testing at Self Growth Institute is an individualised process, typically taking around four hours. It is often conducted over two appointments, but some clients prefer up to four sessions. If you are travelling from country areas, the whole process can be scheduled a given day.

In the first appointment, Jenny will discuss your work and training history and your objectives for testing. Jenny will then ask you to complete a personality test in which the character traits measured relate in a straightforward way to fields of employment.

A second test looks at your preferences for a range of profession-related activities. A third pair of tests assesses aptitude for different types of reasoning.

During the final consultation, Jenny will discuss your test results with you, and recommend professions and the training you may need to qualify in your new field.

About a week after the final consultation, you will be mailed a report detailing your test results and Jenny’s recommendations, and to support Mature Age Tertiary Entry.

Self Growth Institute fees are $450 for our vocational guidance process, but a $50 discount is applied if payment in total in cash occurs at the first consultation. Bulk billing may be possible under specific conditions.

Jenny offers a competitive package for schools. (Please enquire when you phone. Out of pocket expenses may be as little as $60 per student.