William Tran



My name is William Tran, I am a registered psychologist with 7 years of professional experience post registration. I have extensive clinical experience working with acute and complex clinical presentations across government, non-profit, and private organisations. I strive to provide comprehensive assessments and evidence-based interventions that are respectful to the client’s idiosyncrasies. I am empathic, insightful and solution-oriented clinician who is forward thinking.

Relationship Australia South Australia, Gambling Help Service: (Clinical) Practice Manager.
As the Relationship Australia SA Gambling Help Service (Clinical) Practice Manager I was responsible for the clinical service quality and development. This includes professional development training, complex case review, group supervision, individual supervision, client caseload.
Assertive Community Management Clinician (Psychologist) NSW Health, South Western Sydney Local Health Distinct. I provide case management, case coordination; evidenced based assessments and treatments for complex patients who have chronic and acute presentations. Patients have dual diagnoses, most frequently presenting with Drug and Substance Disorders and underlying Personality Disorders. I frequently co-lead discussions in integrated clinical review, providing psychological insights into patient’s paradoxical behaviours and unusual mental states. In addition, I provided clinical supervision to Youth and Adolescents team.
Gambling Help Counsellor (Psychologist) BaptistCare. I complete individualised case formulations and develop and deliver treatment plants for complex clients with Gambling Disorder and comorbid conditions such as Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders and Personality Disorders. The service’s referral base is supplemented by my weekly outreach to men’s emergency accommodation
Family and Children, Clinician (Prov Psychologist) Lifestyle Solutions. Clients of Lifestyle Solutions Out Of Home Care service are children with complex trauma histories and disabilities for whom foster care had failed due to difficultly managing child’s challenging behaviour. My role was to provide system/family therapy to the surrogate family members (support workers) to ensure the clients received trauma-informed services

Health Service Officer (Prov Psychologist) MAX Solutions Health, Internship program. Clients were on the Disability Support Pension. I completed intake, case-formulation, psychometric testing to differentially diagnose. I developed and deliver individualised treatment plans to increase client’s functionally and job readiness; generated strength-based strategic vocational recommendations.


I am an understanding and effective psychologist who works collaboratively to facilitate healing and a grounded sense of hope. I have extensive experience providing interventions to adults experiencing a wide range of psychological distress. My goal is to help clients to understand and directly address the causes of their difficulties in order to create valued and meaningful lives.
Prior to private practice, I was Relationship Australia South Australia (clinical) Practice Manager for Gambling Help Services. I was responsible for the clinical service quality and development. This includes professional development training, complex case review, group supervision, individual supervision, and client caseload.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Compassionate based Therapy
Schema Therapy
Interpersonal Therapy
Currently not providing Family therapy due to delivery modality 

Standard Pricing

  • Cost per session
  • 185 / hr

Each session is approximately 50 minutes in duration


  • Individual Counselling
  • Life Coaching

Areas of Specialty

  • Depression
    Anxiety Disorders
    Adjustment disorder
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Grief and Loss
    First episode of psychosis


  • Currently completing Masters of Neuroscience and Psychology
    Bachelor of Psychology from Western Sydney University
    Diploma of Counselling from the Northern Sydney Institute

Rebates: When you have an appointment with one of our psychologists you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $89.65 (if you see a General Psychologist) and $129.55 (if you see a Clinical Psychologist), per session. We do not bulk bill. There is an out of pocket fee which varies depending on the clinician you see.

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